Books by Melvin Konner…

…on Jewish subjects:

“…a poignant and highly accessible account of an ongoing story that transcends all telling.”

–Harold Bloom, author of The Western Canon and Jesus and Yahweh


“Certainly the best one volume overview of Jewish history and identity available…”

–Sander L. Gilman, author of The Jew’s Body and The Self-Hating Jew


“[This] sweeping study of the Jews feels so fresh and alive…nothing less than inspiring.”

–The New York Times Book Review

Published in 2009 as part of the acclaimed series “Jewish Encounters,” edited by Jonathan Rosen and published by Nextbook in cooperation with Shocken Books.


“…weaves a narrative that is not just a Jewish story, but one of humanity’s many stories…”

–Muhammed Hassanali,

“…a tour de force…”

–Sander Gilman, The Forward.

A beautiful example of the bookmaker’s art, exquisitely produced and illustrated by Ed Colker. Translations by Melvin Konner of poems on African themes by Abraham Sutzkever, considered by many to be the greatest Yiddish poet. Limited edition purchased by many university and other institutional collections.


Available from Haybarn Press .

…on other subjects:

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