Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Cartoons

1. Cartoons from “Israel Must Be Annihilated”: A Selection of Cartoons from the Arab Press (Tel Aviv: Zahal Information Office, July 1967)

This collection was made shortly after the Six-Day War to illustrate Arab intentions as publicly declared before the war. The text is in English, French, and Spanish.

(Note: A good-faith effort was made to find a copyright holder to this material, without success. If you are a copyright holder and object to this use of the material, please contact Melvin Konner at Emory University.)


The cover of a primer, Salem in the Army, used to teach reading and writing to Syrian soldiers.


After a summit meeting in Cairo, “the heads of the Arab states are hurling stones into the deep.” “Israel: If this is but the first stage–woe is me from the next.” Egyptian weekly Raz-al-Yussef, May 18, 1964.



“The final picture of Israel,” illustrating Arab plans to divert the Jordan and choke the Jewish state with the river itself. Saudi Arabian daily Al Bilad, August 15, 1964.


“A fresh contingent of trained Arab pilots enters the fray. Israel cries: ‘O, my head!’ Al Massa, Egypt, June 30, 1964.



“The commander of Israel’s Northern Front has declared that this year will be the decisive year for Israel.” Jordanian daily Al Manar, January 28, 1965.



“The will of the Arabs. Nasser has stated that the Arabs will use force to regain Palestine.” Al-Jumhuriya, Egypt, April 1, 1965.


“Israel is attempting to achieve balance of power with the Arabs. The Arab reply: This will be the only balance.” Egyptian review, Roz-el-Yussef, February 14, 1966.


After the closing of the Gulf of Aqaba to Israeli shipping (an act of war) Nasser kicks a classic Jewish caricature into the sea, with the armies of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria at hand. Lebanese journal Al-Djarida, May 25, 1967.


Cannons of eight Arab states: Sudan, Algeria, United Arab Republic (then Egypt), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Lebanese daily Al-Jarida, May 31, 1967.


Tank forces of the UAR, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Lebanese daily Al-Khayat, May 31, 1967.



“The barricades in Tel Aviv.” Syrian army publication, Al-Jundi Al-Arabi, June 6, 1967 (Day 2 of the Six-Day War).



“How to use the Star of David.” Iraqi daily Al-Manar, June 8, 1967.


2. Recent Arab Cartoons (more to come)

The Jew says, “I hate Arabs” and the parrot George Bush repeats it twice. Bahrain was declared a Major Non-Nato Ally of the U.S. in October 2001.


3. German Cartoons of the Nazi Era (more to come)


Cartoon from Dr. Kurt Plischke’s “Der Jude als Rassenschaender: Eine Anklage gegen Juda und eine Mahnung an die deutschen Frauen und Maedchen” [The Jew as Race Defiler: An Accusation against Judah and a Warning to German Women and Girls]. Circa 1935, Germany.


“Infectious Germs.” From the Nazi propaganda organ Der Stürmer, April 15, 1943, p. 1. Triangles, representing homosexuals, hammer-and-sickle signs (communists), and even a dollar sign are strewn among the Stars of David. The poem:

With his poison, the Jew drags
Weaker peoples’ burdened blood,
So a disease-picture appears
That speeds them downward.
But our report resounds:
The blood is clean. We’re healthy!